Understanding your Requirements

Understanding the scope of the website build:

To provide an accurate costing of the website build I need a gain an understanding of the level of service you are looking for - for example: 

  • A new custom design with design variations and a high level of consultancy
  • A new website based off an existing competing / other website -  'We like the look of the site and would like something similar'. 
  • A website to match current marketing material
  • A basic site to get me up and running
  • Something to fit a specific budget - what can be done?

Regardless of your requirements and budget - you can expect the following:

  • A live website up and running with your website content on a domain name of your choice.
  • Mobile friendly responsive website design.
  • Website content structured and applied using website best practices.
  • Email services setup, either with the site host or connecting to an existing third party service e.g. office 365
  • Starter Search Engine Optimisation via meta tags and for each page. If a website already exists, to ensure current SEO is maintained on the new site.
  • The site to be connected to Google to ensure Google Search is kept up to date with any changes.
  • Reporting features - A site set up and linked to Google Analytics to provide statistics and reporting.
  • If an ecommerce website, products set up via supplied CSV file, with tax, base freight rules and a payment gateway connected.
  • A fast loading website with SSL included e.g. https://yourdomain.name

Pre-existing content, roles and responsibilities:

To determine a final cost we need to define content requirements and roles and responsibilities for the project.

  • Is there existing marketing material or website content that can be used on the new website.
  • If new content is to be created who will be reponsible for preparing the final copy.
  • Are existing images available or will new images need to be sourced? Either via free stock or royalty-free (commercial) stock providers.
  • We can discuss who will be adding final content depending on your level of involvement.
  • If an ecommerce setup, a level of training may be required as part of the setup to ensure you're comfortable with the CMS when ready to manage products and orders. 

Collaboration, support and consultancy during the project:

  • I can work to alongside you to design and build the new site, working based off supplied example websites, marketing material or completely from scratch.
  • Mockups can be provided for approval prior to the build process if custom design beyond a base theme is required.
  • I'm more than happy to answer questions and discuss options throughout the project. Though if the requirements become quite complex this may become training or consultancy
  • Happy to catch up to work on the project during the website build if the budget allows for it.

A summary of services:

  • Design and Build of Marketing / Brochure websites.
  • Websites built using Wordpress, Website.world content management platforms.
  • Webhosting setup of content management or email.
  • Logo design for web.
  • Image sourcing.
  • Phone based training.
  • Base content writing and content structure. (I work with other SEO / Copyriting providers. for more advanced options).
  • Custom product or profile photography via third party providers.
  • Ongoing support services or additional customisations as required.
  • Integration of social media services - instagram sliders, facebook feeds and other.

What's next?

Once I have and understanding of your needs regarding the new website, I will be able to provide an accurate costing, and we can discuss content, technical requirements and meeting your deadline.Please feel free to follow up with any questions you may have with via email or phone.

I am thrilled with the new website template Andrew created for my business!  His excellent web design skills are evident throughout my site, and I have received multiple comments from users who have said how easy it is to navigate and how well information is presented. 

Without hesitation, I recommend Andrew’s web building and design skills for any business owner in need of a professional and thoughtfully designed website.

Jackie Procter
Spotty Lizard

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