CSV Product upload Support

Importing Product information into the website can be a time consuming process. There is silver bullet to import the data, but importing via CSV can speed up the process.

The information provided in this page is for customers who want to upload product information to their website themselves, but need an example CSV to get then underway. I've attempted to qualify what support I can provide, what you can expect and what tasks the customer should look to undertake themselves.

CSV / Product import support in the website.world CMS

The process involves getting an understanding of your requirements with regards to CSV uploads and providing example CSV product data file/s to show how to manage additional uploads yourself, with links to additional relevant help-faq information.

This information could then be used by the customer as a template to import their own product data themselves from their supplier information. It does not provide full support/consultancy around the entire upload process, or consultancy on working with supplier csv files.

This assumes you have an existing understanding of managing Products and Categories within the CMS, and only considers the uploading of raw data via CSV.

What you can expect from CSV Product upload support

The support and consultancy around CSV uploading aims to help you getting started by providing the basic formatting and knowledge. It does not go into fine-detail of every aspect of CSV uploading.

You can expect to be supplied with

  • An example CSV spreadsheet of product data based on an example product provided by you, e.g. existing products added to your shop page or a competitor website which demonstrate what is required, in a format that can be uploaded without error.
  • The example product uploaded to the system demonstrating the formatting of the CSV data supplied.
  • Instructions to the relevant help-faq items detailing where to handle your uploads going forward.
  • Phone support to discuss the CSV file and imported example data to get a better understanding.

Information provided should be enough to get you started with CSV uploads but does not provide for assistance with uploading or managing data, beyond what is available via the help-faq guides supplied. The idea is that the customer will use the supplied content and information to then trial and upload the product data themselves using the steps provided.

Any time spent providing support around the upload of the CSV files, or refining CSV product data beyond the initial product upload is considered additional chargeable work.

Complexity of CSV uploading

With the level of detail and the amount of options provided by the CSV uploader, support is limited to the scope of the product information as indicated by the example products supplied by the customer. 

There are a lot of functions, settings and variables that can be used such as price breaks, supplier pricing etc that can be used but not considered in the initial support.

Working with Product Variations 

Uploading product data for Product Variations, also known as child products with SKU/Pricing options for Size, Colour, Style options are a complex area requiring additional steps to upload into the correct format. As part of the process I would provide links to the relevant help-faqs.

It does not provide in-depth training into formatting options for child products or approaches to display variation thumbnails, information on these can be found in relevant section of the help-faq regarding product variation thumbnails.

Managing images, file uploads

Linking images by CSV is a time consuming process, involving adding the image file path to the csv, and uploading the file to the website hosting account.
The customer would be managing the upload of files within the CMS to match that set in the csv file. 

Support or assisting with the upload of the image files on the customer behalf would be considered additional chargable work.

Additional support beyond getting started

As indicated the driver for creating this document was to help set expectations for CSV upload support. At any time if a customer feels they would rather have everything handled for them I can provide a cost to action the relevant parts of the process on their behalf. Cost estimate $100.00 - $500.00 + GST.

Detailed process with screenshots

I can also provide a document with screenshots detailing the upload process specific to your requirements for a cost of up to $200.00 + GST as an option.