Have your online store up and running in a flash

With years of experience with the website.world CMS I can provide a comprehensive setup from scratch or migration of products from your existing provider into your new website.

Standard Ecommerce site setup and configuration

  • Initial Shopping setup, including currency, tax, display options
  • Import of products and photos via spreadsheet or other
  • Configuration of promo code and discounts
  • Assist with payment gateway setup and freight options
  • Customisations of any dockets or shipping notices
  • Migration of shopping data from wordpress or other CMS platform
  • Customise your existing website theme,  create a new look from scratch
  • Help setup membership / logins for repeat customers
  • Training available.


Setup of Trade / Wholesale Shopping options

If you have a need to sell to wholesale and retail I can assist with approaches to setting up the site - e.g. Single site with multiple pricing tiers, carts or Dual sites with stock/product sync by SKU code.

Converting a Shopping theme based on Wix, Squarespace or Shopify

I can take a look that has been built in a different CMS and apply to your website.world website.

Freight assistance

If you need help with setting up freight rules, restricting by postcode or rural deliveries, connecting with NZ Post or Gosweetspot for Courier fulfilment options.

CSV Upload assist

The CSV uploader is a great way to get product data into the CMS. If you need to convert an spreadsheet export from another CMS to use in your website.world site - please get in touch.

If you want to upload product data yourself, but need an example CSV created with support links, please see this page for what to expect, then get in touch.

Ongoing product / pricing updates

If you need help keeping your product range or pricing up to date - I can provide support on a ongoing basis.