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Shopping Cart Tags

FEATURED PRODUCTS - Best Sellers, On Sale, Featured Items & New
If you're using the right templates, you can make use of the new featured products boxes - heres how

Catalogue/Shopping Cart Layout Options
Find out the different shopping cart layouts available via the Content Management System

Options for colour and size (with different prices, SOH or codes)
How do I include colour choices with my shopping products as well as sizes? Or how do i give different styles a different code or stock on hand quantity?

Delivery Address, Gift Message, File Upload and Checkout Customisations
If you want to modify the type of address the customer enters, or ask for a gift message, or allow them to upload a file, or add any range of custom fields to your checkout, then read on

Adding additional questions at product level
Can I add question fields for my customer to answer regarding my product?

Adding a product under multiple categories
I want a product to show in more than one category

Hiding the Checkout
How to hide the buy buttons to use the shopping cart as a Catalogue.

Creating a Popup Checkout
This will allow your customers to view their shopping cart in an unobtrusive popup, allowing them to continue shopping from the page they were on.

Customising Email Notifications
Customise the appearance of the notifications that are sent out to your customers.

Custom Thumbnail Sizes
Learn how to increase the size of the thumbnails on category pages

Hide Stock Quantity

Hiding a product or category

Changing shopping cart prompts using REWORD PROMPTS

Send a TAX INVOICE instead of an invoice
Heres where to go to change it in the CMS

UOM Unit of measure is not showing.
If you've specified a unit of measure for a product but it isnt showing - make sure you have specified a price amount for the product.

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