Otti & Olly Christmas gingerbread houses

Otti & Olly Christmas gingerbread houses
Beautiful Xmas Gingerbread houses by Otti & Olli

These were so wonderful I had to share.

These xmas gingerbread houses were hand delivered to the doorstep. Created by Andrew @ Otti and Olli, here in Auckland,  there's a more traditional Gingerbread House plus a delightful Unicorn themed version. There are layers of detail on both creations which work to make them feel both fantastic and cozy.

 Both available to purchase from the Otti and Olli Online Store.

Disclaimer - I worked with Susan and Otti and Olli to build the store, it doesnt stop the products from being worth pimping (click image to enlarge). 

Posted: Tuesday 10 December 2019